Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lil' nom noms

Another food truck - this time with a Vietnamese flavour.  Mentioned to me by a friend I kept meaning to check them out but also kept forgetting.

Finally I noticed on their Facebook page a post about getting your order in for lunch delivery in the CBD!

So I followed up for more details.  Their delivery day is Tuesday, but could also do Wednesday for any orders above 20 people. From their current menu you order either the Banh Mi (roll) or Bun Cha (rice noodles). You then get either a herb salad or Rice Paper Rolls (with the same filling choices as the roll/noodles).  Then you get a dessert to finish it all off.  Here's their menu (please excuse the word spelling and grammar highlighting).

What an awesome way to try their food - they'll bring it to me! So I ordered the Spring Roll Bun Cha, with the pork Rice Paper Rolls.  Everything tasted great - especially their dessert.  My work desk buddy was lucky he finally got round to eating his as I was eyeing it off big time!

I also finally made it to their park session in Maribyrnong on a Sunday.  I was extremely hung over so this food was perfect for how I was feeling (ie. it was nice and light). I got the chicken rice paper rolls, and the spring rolls.  They also had viet tacos and an open steamed bun type dish.  Great variety though. A VIN (very important nomster) key tag was on offer which gave me an awesome tasting vietnamese iced coffee for free!

I'm a big fan!

Here's another food blog about the truck visiting Yarraville:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Doughboys Doughnuts - Melbourne

So I've been "plagued" by awesome looking photos of doughnuts on instagram thanks to the Doughboys for a while now and finally got to try them for myself!

They've established a "pop-up" at Mr Nice Guy in Healey Lane from 7am-11am, every weekday (I think) for at least a month (depending on how things go for them)!

This was their selection today:

I struggled with my decision but went with the choc nut:

And OMG it tasted awesome.  The nuts on the top were a really nice addition.

I think they're serving Market Lane Espresso which also meant they had no drinking chocolate (and only one style of milk) - so no Mocha for me!! :(  (Same as the Market Lane store near Vic Market).

Unfortunately you're paying $4.80 for a doughnut (and $4 for a coffee).  Hand forged and dipped on demand.

Here they are on Facebook:

And here they are on Instagram:

Mr Nice Guy can be found off Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne CBD, on Healeys Lane.